After years of extensive market research and developing, we have created a product unlike anything else on the market. Our focus from the beginning was to allow anyone to create engaging interactive videos quickly and easily. Using our simple, online authoring tool, you can start adding interactivity that engages your viewers, monetizes your videos and educates like never before.





Larry Moore


A corporate executive and dynamic entrepreneur with more than 49 years of experience in media, telecommunication and technology. He has acquired , merged, advised on and sold more than 25 domestic and international companies over the past 40 years. He served as an advisor to several startup companies, including Goalmine, TCS, uai.com.br and North Plains Systems, which received a growth equity investment from Accel-KKR. In 2002, Mr. Moore led Telecom South America (“TESA Telecom”) in establishing one of the first and largest retail VOIP telephone service in Brazil, partnered with Terra SA, the largest digital content supplier in Latin America.

Presently, Mr. Moore serves as the Chairman of Clixie Media (www.clixiemedia.com), a company dedicated to interactive video in the Americas and Europe. Clixie Media is a subsidiary of A2 Global Ventures LLC, where Mr. Moore serves as the Executive Director. A2 Global Ventures focuses on providing business development services in the Americas and Europe. He is presently working with some of the largest media companies at the highest levels in Brazil, Europe, Latin America and the U.S. Mr. Moore has been a featured panelist and speaker at many conferences, including NAA Super Conference, multiple PANPA Conferences, multiple ANJ Conferences (Brazil) and the Y2K ANPE-IFRA Congress1.

Lastly Mr. Moore is 67 years old, has been married for 46 years, and has two children and 5 grandchildren. He is actively involved in his community and supports numerous charitable organizations. His outside activities are golf, exercise and healthy living.

Tim Moore

Executive Director

Presently, Mr. Moore serves as the Executive Director of Clixie Media. Mr. Moore works closely with C- level marketing, sales and other executives to develop strategies to promote their message and vision to their consumers, client and market in general in the clearest and most cost-effective manner.

Tim Moore has been working in Central America, South America and the United States since 1993. Mr. Moore has managed and co-owned telecommunications and technology companies in the U.S., Brazil, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

Mr. Moore worked for and within the publishing and media industries for 20+ years. He has assisted and implemented new media strategies for the world's largest media/content companies, such as the Detroit Newspaper Agency (U.S.), Terra S.A. (U.S. and Brazil), RCS Digital S.p.A (Italy), Associados (Brazil), O Globo (Brazil), and RBS (Brazil).

Mr. Moore annually attends many conferences and is fluent in English and Portuguese. He is 45 years old, has been married for 20 years and has three wonderful children. He is an avid exercise enthusiast and cyclist. He is actively involved in his community and supports numerous charitable organizations.

Gerardo Treviño


Responsible for overall technology strategy, team integration, management and execution of Clixie’s novel interactive-media, web-based platform. Seasoned, awarded, international IT strategist, manager, team-builder, and developer, focused on mass-media technologies and wide-scale projects. Over 25 years of professional experience, satisfying mission-critical technology requirements for major publishing and digital/interactive corporations across the US and Latin-America.

Under Gerardo’s leadership several major international awards have been issued to DALAI the company he co-founded, and successfully managed its operations and technology development activities during 1991-2013:

• TechBA 2005, Austin TX:(Technology Business Accelerator), funded to recognize and support the most active and promising selected Mexican technology companies, in order to expand into the US/international Marketplace, by means of monetary grants, facilities, industry expertise, and business-supporting service.

• FIT 2009, 2012, 2013 Mexico City: (Fondo de Inovación Tecnológica), The most important grant program created by Mexico’s government CONACYT (consejo nacional de tecnología) to promote Mexico’s innovation and technology development aligned to countries’ strategic goals.

Jancarlo Nesto

Executive Director in Latin America

He was chosen to be the executive to open Clixie in Brazil in 2012. He was responsible for its legal, customer demonstrations, development input, technical support, executing all necessary steps to open the company and make it operational, hiring new resources, creating its business plan, preparing the marketing plan and following the Project deliverables.

He has a diverse international working experience of where he had short and long term assignments to Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, and Chile for sales, consultancy and project management Media System implementations. He also had intercompany travels to UK, Italy and Sweden offices as Delivery Manager LATAM.

Portuguese is his native language and he is fluent in english as well.

Alfredo Cruz

Lead Developer

Senior Developer for the Clixie Media platform, with over 15 years of professional experience with web and information technologies.

Before joining Clixie, he worked as a freelance consultant to different companies, developing software platforms and solutions. And working with different technologies: web, communications and integration.

In Clixie, he is responsible for the technology and the architecture of the platform.

He has a Bachelor in Electronic System from the ITESM, Monterrey, Mexico.