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Interactive E-Learning
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Improving the learning experience for students at the University of Michigan.

Why it works

By adding choices and interactivity to your media, you invite your students to lean forward and participate. The act of participation deepens engagement, enhances learning, and accelerates behavior change. It also generates data. With every click of a button, you gain useful insights about your viewers.

Deeper engagement

User control results in a personalized experience driving deeper engagement.

Faster results

Ensures students spend less time on both learning information they already know and searching for resources. Instructors have access to real-time data at the their fingertips (e.g. time spent watching lectures/reading supplemental material).

Full statistics

Viewers spend twice as long on an interactive video or audio file than traditional. Improve your online learning programs when incorporating Clixie media by generating valuable statistics.

Accomplish more, every day

Longer and better student engagement
Students spent three and a half times longer watching our media and engaging with interactive content. Clixie increases student engagement & focus, thus improving the overall learning experience and retention of course material.
Higher test scores
Clixie helps students to score higher on their tests, year after year.
Improve immersive learning
“Do less, better” with shorter, high-intensity immersive learning experiences that focus on the behaviors with the greatest impact, the mission critical know-how, and other topics that have the potential for real performance change.
Accomplish more, every day

We like to make things Simple, Fast and Easy

We like to make things simple, fast, and easy
At specific times in the media, Clixies (a.k.a. pop-up bookmarks) appear alongside the media with relevant information.
Allows jumping to specific parts of the same media (or different media) when certain events occur, such as after taking a quiz.
When certain events occur, such as when a specific word is spoken, Clixies will appear alongside the media with relevant information.
Viewers can see their progress through an E-Learning video or audio file series or jump to different parts of a video or audio file based on what interests them.

Clixie is with you everywhere

Looks great on any device, consistent design across all devices, and ability to customize where the Clixies appear

Publish everywhere. Our platform serves interactive media in an embeddable player, which loads everything it needs from the cloud. We support any device through device detection.

Smart & responsive
No need to worry about the technical differences between browsers and devices. Our responsive, browser-agnostic player does the work to provide the best possible viewing experience.

Simple steps
Make your media interactive in just three easy steps: enrich the media with interactive content, preview, and you’re ready to publish!

Customizable & open
Want to use your own player? Need a video management system? Using a specialized Learning Management System? We’ve got you covered! We’ll make sure our interactive platform transitions seamlessly into your existing workflow.

Clixie is with you everywhere

Enriching virtual classrooms with Branching

Branching media, a.k.a. “Choose your own path” media, are a digital experience where the viewer can create their own narrative. The main objective of a branching video or audio file is to engage the viewer through interactive storytelling. Decision points are used to ask the viewer questions and based on the reply; the viewer is sent to another part in the video or audio file. Media branching can combine different video or audio file clips to make an interactive story for the viewer.

Branching media also opens up new potentials. It can be used for consultation, treasure hunts, education, or to present your company to new staff members

Product Testimonials

Creating, managing, and administering online E-Learning media has never been easier. From corporate E-Learning to how-to videos, Clixie’s unique features help better educate viewers, while saving time and money.

David Brophy
David BrophyProfessor of Finance, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan
“Our venture capital class uses ‘clixified’ videos to enhance the students’ learning and extend that learning beyond the bounds of a traditional classroom. We are excited to continue working with Clixie in improving the educational experience.”
Tim Moore
Tim MooreExecutive Director of Clixie Media
“We have found that students are 20 times more likely to watch a video if it includes Clixie. These students consistently earned higher test scores on exams. Not only did the quantitative data show the impact of Clixie, but the students loved it too!”
Ben Tyson
Ben TysonGlobal Lead Training Strategy, Google
“We have found that interactive video has completely revitalized our training programs and Clixie can provide a much deeper level of tracking and reporting the success our modules have. We will continue this path of delivery for our E-learning content via interactive video.“