Interactive Podcasts are here!

Now, all of Clixie’s interactive features are available for audio files. Here is a great example of how Clixie can incorporate interactivity into your listening experience. Whether your listeners are actively engaging while listening or revisiting the interactivity as a recap, Clixie takes your podcasts to the next level.

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Taking Treasure from the Trash

Tim Moore
Executive Director at Clixie Media LLC

ANN ARBOR, MI – 7/6/20

Pressing “Record” during your Online Lectures

School is back in session! Regardless of whether classes are in-person, online, or a little bit of both, we can all agree school feels a little different this year. As we adapt to a new normal in education, students, teachers, and institutions are being asked to adopt a whole new set of skills. Read More

Clixie Media Announces Vendor Relationship with Google for Android Partner Training

ANN ARBOR, MI – 7/20/20

ANN ARBOR, Mich., July 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Following the recent successes at the University of Michigan, Clixie Media LLC., a privately held technology company based in Ann Arbor, MI, announced a new partnership with Google’s Android Partner Training division. Clixie will add interactive bookmarks, in-video quizzing, and conditional learning paths to Google’s video training content for Google partners.Read More

Clixie Media Extends Waived Fees

to Assist Online Educators

Clixie Media is offering its services free of charge for the Fall 2020 Semester

ANN ARBOR, MI – 7/6/20

As an extension of the video interactivity features, Clixie Media’s tools can now add interactivity to audio files. This new functionality allows educators to leverage the fastest-growing segment of online learning. All of the existing capabilities for enhancing video are now available for audio files, including podcasts, voice recordings and more.

Tim Moore, President of Clixie Media, says, “We are thrilled to continue supporting educators through these ever-changing times.  Our team is proud to support our educational services partners, such as Canvas, in providing the best possible virtual learning experience.”

To learn more about the free offer, please visit Instructure’s Partner Page HERE and select  the “Content Creation” category or at


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