Media interaction with deep data

Clixie Media is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that provides customers with deep data, easy-to-use tools, and flexible integration options for creating & analyzing interactive media experiences across any vertical.

Create interactive experiences

Create interactive experiences by adding links, chapters, quizzes, forms, interactive areas, shopping carts, personalization, and more to videos and audio files.
Engage audiences on a higher level, shifting the media experience from a passive, lean-back moment to an active, lean-in experience.

Encourage viewers to have a conversation, by giving them the opportunity to tell you more about themselves, their preferences, and what they think about your brand.

Analyze media performance, build a more accurate understanding of media campaign success, and improve the learning experience with sophisticated media  analytics and individual audience profiles.

Media interactivity features

Add a variety of interactive features to your videos and audio files to engage your viewers and bring your media to life.

Create decision points in a video or audio file that let viewers decide the path and outcome. Story Branching is a feature that allows jumping to specific parts of the same media (or different media) when specific events occur. For example, if a viewer is forced to take a quiz, depending on how they do on the quiz, the viewer can be redirected to different locations.
Visual markers
Clickable Visual Markers displayed on your video or audio file allow viewers to click on their interests. The Visual Markers can open a link, display more information, add a specific item to a “Wishlist” or Bookmark for watching later. Visual Markers allow viewers to engage with more of your content.
At a specific point in the video or audio file, viewers are forced to take a quiz, fill out a form, etc. before being able to proceed.
In-video messages
Provide an opportunity to deliver personalized information to your audience during video playback.

Simple, Fast and Easy!

Simple, Fast and Easy!

Media platform features

With our easy to use system, start creating interactive media in no time! Embed interactive media wherever your viewers are and begin viewing the advanced analytics captured by Clixie to see how your audience engagement has improved.

Creation tools
Create interactive stories with ease through our intuitive content management system.
With our privacy controls, choose to share your story with collaborators or the entire world.
Works everywhere
Broad mobile device and browser support – without the hassle of native apps. Interactivity is added over existing media content with an HTML 5 media layer without changing or modifying the original file.
With the Clixie Analytics dashboard, measure audience engagement with our interactive experiences and better understand viewer behavior by tracking how they interact and which paths they choose.
Advanced embedding features takes the story to your viewers, wherever they are. Embed once, then update often; changes made to the interactive media are automatically pushed to the published media.
Create fixed decision points for branching storylines with animated media menus and evoke viewers to find their path. The audience gains full control by being able to quickly navigate inside a video or audio file through topics and chapters.

Other features

No matter the size or industry of your organization, Clixie can help. Integrate and customize Clixie’s interactive media tools using our extensive API. Use Palette, Clixie’s new Learning Experience Platform (“LXP”) to create engaging media learning experiences that meet and exceed your E-Learning needs.

Other features
Open API
Our client-side JavaScript API allows for two-way communication between the media player and its surrounding page.
Leverage existing integrations with third-party software solutions, including most modern LMS, CMS, MAS, and analytics services.
Content delivery
Whether you run a small site with a few viewers or a massive LMS with hundreds of thousands of learners, we can accelerate providing your content to your audience. Our solutions are made for organizations of all sizes across a variety of industries and fields.
Create video interaction
Create custom interactions based on your web applications. Control the media by capturing events from outside the player without affecting, changing, or modifying your original content. The options are endless.
Integrate & customize
No matter the size or industry of your organization, Clixie can help. Integrate and customize Clixie’s interactive media tools using our extensive API.

Update your interactive media in an instant

Your media can now act as a live service. This means you can adapt your interactive content to your audience’s needs, keep your media content fresh, and make the experience more enjoyable. Traditionally, making a change to your media would take days or even weeks. You had to shoot scenes again, edit, test, publish a new version of your media, and then wait for all of your users to watch the new version.

Clixie’s platform is real-time updating, allowing you to skip all these steps – just add the new Clixie, hit the save button, and you are done. Our Analytics give you data to make it quick, fast, and easy to update media on-the-fly.