Integration with Microsoft Teams

Stream your meetings & webcasts at scale and manage all your MS Teams’ recordings alongside other video assets right inside the Teams environment.

Clixie’s Interactive Media and Analytics App

Enthrall and engage your viewers from directly within Webex! Easily enhance your Webex experience with a wide-range of exciting interactivity, powerful features and detailed analytics.

Clixie and Microsoft Teams power of video unlocked

Integrate Microsoft Teams with Clixie to efficiently manage your recorded meetings in a well-organized place and interactivity, analytics, and much more. All without you needing to leave the Teams environment. You can even conduct an interactive live webcast, achieving the scale you want.

Stories that can be shared everywhere

A story consists of chapters from a single Webex recording, multiple Webex recordings, or even be combined with video & audio from other sources.  The resulting stories are mobile-responsive, allowing viewers to access the content on any device. Stories can also be embedded directly as tabs within Webex messaging.

Capture attention through in-video interactivity

Utilize your live or recorded meetings for course creation with in-video quizzes to test comprehension, handouts and timed annotations to provide additional information, and surveys to collect feedback.

In-depth analytics

Clixie offers the most in-depth analytics available, with a variety of ways to sift through the data. See exactly how viewers are engaging and analyze the effectiveness of your content. Gamification & badging offers a way to further incentivize and evaluate viewers.

In-depth video analytics

Easy-to-read video analytics dashboard reports cover various metrics, tables, graphs, and heatmaps showcasing engagement trends, audience behavior, content interaction, performance, and quality of experience.

Add value & repurpose Webex recordings

Clixie Media is a great way to add value to & repurpose Webex recordings. Chaptering and Clixies make it easier for viewers to find the information they are looking for. Quizzing is a great way to engage viewers and evaluate comprehension. Chapters can even be gated or locked to require viewers to complete a task before continuing, such as passing a quiz or clicking an object in the video.

Not just Teams, manage all your videos together

With employees working remotely across the globe, recordings are viewed in different types of devices and varying bandwidth conditions. Clixie caters to it all by utilizing modern streaming protocols and localization.

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    Standard pricing is available upon request on a per video, per user/month or enterprise license basis. If you need something different, let us know! We can also do the work for you, starting as low as a few hundred dollars per story. For more details, terms and conditions please access HERE.