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Online Midwest Venture Showcase

Midwest Venture Showcase, a joint presentation of the University of Michigan Midwest Growth Capital Symposium (now in its 40th Year) and the InvestMidwest Capital Forum from Saint Louis (now in its 20th year). Our opening panel of venture capitalists sets the pandemic market tone, explaining why and how the Showcase brings together entrepreneurs and investors to fund innovation in these troubled times.

Google Training

Clixie Media provides a fully integrated platform that allows Google educators and course designers (in any language) to easily add interactivity and other features to existing media content. Beyond interactivity, Clixie allows instructors to chapter information, deliver in-media quizzes & polls, and add conditional branching so only relevant content is shown.

Google Android Academy

This is a video taken from the Google Android Academy. This video highlights the primary capabilities of the Clixie platform that are useful for E-Learning. These include visual markers, event areas, and quizzes.

The University of Michigan Ross School of Business

Clixie is the first company that finally delivers on the promise of dramatically increasing online media education and audience engagement. Please watch the video and follow the instructions to see how Clixie, integrated with Canvas Learning Management System (“LMS”), is improving the student’s learning experience at the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business.

Beaumont Enterprise

The Beaumont Enterprise creates video based around local events in Beaumont, Texas. The content is sponsored (in this case, by Mobil Oil Credit Union) and the Clixies are created to drive viewers to purchase tickets or find out more information. The video was created with the intention to be interactive. For example, the narrator, at 40 seconds in the video, says, “for more information, please click on the icon [Clixie] to the right”.

Auto Dealership Advertising

Clixie is used to create interactivity into a pre-roll video for a local auto dealer. It is a 15 second video and all of the Clixies send the viewers to the dealer website. Also, once the pre-roll ends and the main content starts, the Clixies remain in the player window for interaction.

Burns Antiques

This video showcases a local business in Texas, published by the Beaumont Enterprise (owned by Hearst). Clicking on the Clixies will open up a new tab in the browser; this video was created to be viewed on a desktop, laptop, or tablet device.